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Сообщение Sergiy » 30-10, 21:58

хочу бросить песню Beatle Bones and Smokin' Stones Не совсем понимаю о чем речь, но смысл вроде ясен - его просто нет :-)

Beatle bones and smokin' Stones
The dry sands fall
The strawberry mouth; strawberry moth; strawberry caterpillar
Strawberry butterfly; strawberry fields
The winged eel slither on the heels of today's children
Strawberry feels forever

Yeah, roosters, ol' glass roosters, stick to your race
In a drag-queen, live-wood farmhouse
Tractors are clawin’; the folks are crawlin’
Trees in a row climbing a coach and I blow rich
Red, blue, yellow sunset
Where I set and you set; and I've loved and you've loved
And I've seen and you've seen

Salt Man has just made his mark - and crumbled
The dark - the light - the dark - the day
Porcelain children see through white lights
Soft-cracker bats, Cheshire cats named
The Dark - the Light - the Dark - the Day

Blue veins through gray-felt tomorrows
Cellular sail-boat - ye ole feathered kind
Blow it into a pond swayin’ in circles
Red, blue, yellow sunset.
Where I've set and you've set; and I’ve loved and you've loved
What I saw and you saw
Strawberry feels forever
it's only rolling stones, but i like it

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