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September 1, 1963.
Venue: Crawdaddy Club, Athletic Ground, Richmond, Surrey, England.
Notes: The second performance on Sunday, September 1.

September 1, 1967.
Program: ZDF experimental colour broadcast.
Where Broadcast: Munich, Germany.
Songs / Other Content: We Love You
Notes: The Entire 'We Love You' promo film, in color, was aired as part of this German television station's weekend - long experiment in colour programming. British audiences had yet to see the Stones' promo - in colour or black - and - white - as it had been banned from broadcast by the BBC. This was the first color broadcast of the promo: it had premiered in (then - standard) black - and white on German NDR-TV's 'Beat Club' on August 26.

September 1, 1973.
The 1973 European tour opens at the Stadthalle, Vienna, Austria.

September 1, 1981.
The Stones and Jovan, Inc. announce that the band's 1981 tour will be underwritten by the Chicago - based perfume manufacturer, making this the first time the Stones go on the road with corporate sponsorship.

September 1, 1982.
Another major fire breaks out at Redlands, Keith's thatch - roofed, moated manse in West Wittering. Fortunately, there are no injuries and the only serios damage is to the roof.

Septembr 2, 1963.
Venue: Studio 51, London, England.
Notes: Monday standing engagement for the Stones during this period.

September 2, 1969.
Program: Hyde Park Concert (Granada TV)
Where Broadcast: UK.
Personnel: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Mick Taylor, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Ian Stewart, Rocky Dijon, Ginger Johnson & His African Drummers.
Songs / Other Content: Concert / Behind - the - scenes
Notes: One hour broadcast of Granada TV's documentary coverage of the Stones' July 5 free concert in Hyde Park.

September 2, 1970.
The Rolling Stones begin their first European tour in three years, with a concert at the Olympic Stadium in Helsinki. Stones roadshows enter a new era on this outing, with the introduction of their own travelling stage set, designed by Chip Monck. The set includes lighting, curtains, and steel support rigging, and needs two semis and a forklift to erect and transport.

September 2, 1979.
In Las Vegas, Bill Wyman plays with Ringo Starr, Dave Mason, Todd Rundgren and Kiki Dee at the 'Jerry Lewis Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy'

September 2, 1979.
Program: Jerry Lewis Telethon.
Where Broadcast: USA.
Personnel: Bill Wyman, Kiki Dee, Ringo Starr, Todd Rundgren, Dave Mason.
Songs / Other Content: Money (Gordy Jr., Bradford) / Jumpin' Jack Flash / Twist & Shout (Berns) Miss You.
Notes: An all - star band featuring Bill Wyman, Kiki Dee, Ringo Starr, Todd Rundgren and Dave Mason performed five songs, three of which are listed above, on 'Jerry Lewis's Telethon for Muscular Dystrophy. 'The Stones' 'Miss You' promo was aired.

September 3, 1963.
Venue: Ricky Tick Club, Thames Hotel, Windsor, Berkshire, England.
Notes: Tuesday gig.

September 3, 1968.
Radio stations in Chicago, IL, still smarting from the violence of the Democratic National Convention, ban the Stones' 'Street Fighting Man' single from the airwaves. Closing the barn door in the windy city doesn't fire up much free publicity, unfortunately. This record only makes it to number 48 on the charts.

4 September, 1963.
Venue: Eel Pie Island, Twickenham, Middlesex, England.
Personnel: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Ian Stewart.
Notes: The Stones played the second set of this gig without Brian Jones, who became ill, his face having broken out in large red blotches, according to Bill Wyman. The other band members sent Jones home after the first set. He had collapsed from 'nervous exhaustion' during rehearsals in late August, missed two gigs, but then made in through the subsequent week of performances. However, he was to sick to play for the band's next three engagements after this one.

September 4, 1970.
Get Yer Ya - Ya's Out is released, some nine months after the appearance of its bootleg competition.

September 4, 1973.
Program: German TV - Koln, Germany.
Where Broadcast: Germany.
Songs / Other Content: Gimme Shelter.

September 5, 1963
Venue: Strand Palace Theatre, Walmer, Kent, England.
Personnel: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Ian Stewart.
Opening / Other Act(s): The Paramounts.
Notes: The band performed without Brian Jones, who was still too ill to play.

September 5, 1972.
Program: RTL (Belgian TV)
Where Broadcast: Belgium.
Personnel: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards.
Songs / Other Content: Jagger and Richards interviews.

September 6, 1963.
Venue: Grand Hotel Ballroom, Lowestoft, Suffolk, England.
Personnel: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Ian Stewart.
Notes: The Stones play this show without Brian Jones he was ill at this day.

September 6, 1976.
Keith Richards appears in Newport Pagnell court again. His case is continued to October 6.

September 6, 1989.
The Stones appear at the MTV Video Awards. It was taped three days earlier, but MTV doesn't make that too clear.

September 6, 1989.
Program: Evening Magazine.
Where broadcat: USA.
Personnel: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman.
Songs / Other Content: Rolling Stones Special.

September 6, 1989.
Program: MTV Video Awards.
Where Broadcast: USA.
Personnel: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ron Wood, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Matt Clifford, Chuck Leavell, Bobby Keys, the Uptown Horns (Arno Hecht, Paul Litteral, Bob Funk, Crispen Cioe), Bernard Fowler, Lisa Fisher, Cindy Mizelle.
Songs / Other Content: Mixed Emotions
Notes: Advertised as coming to MTV's viewers 'live via satellite from Three Rivers Stadium in Pittsburgh,' the Stones' performance of 'Mixed Emotions' was actually taped three days earlier in Toronto - September 3 at Exibition Hall - and broadcast on this awards show, The Stones did play Pittsburgh on September 6.

September 6, 1994.
Longtime contributor to the Stones albums, tours and all - around musical life, keyboard played Nicky Hopkins dies of complications from previous intestial surgeries, in Nashville. He was 50. Never physically rodust, Nicky suffered from chronic stomach problems throughout his life, yet was featured on at least 74 Stones songs and almost every Stones album from Between The Buttons in 1966 to Tattou You in 1981 - besides working with the Beatles, the Who, the Kinks, Jefferson Airplane, Jeff Beck and many, many others. He is sorely missed.

September 7, 1963.
Kings Hall, Aberystwyth, Wales.
The band's third gig in as many days without Brian. According to Bill Wyman, Jones had been suffering from 'nervous exhaustion' since rehearsals in late August.

September 6 - 7, 1965
RCA Studios, Hollywood, CA, USA.
Songs: I'm free / Get Off Of My Cloud / The Singer Not The Song / She Said Yeah (Christy, Jackson) / Gotta Get Away / Blue Turns To Grey /
Additional Personnel: J. W. Alexander, (tambourine), Jack Nitzche.
Producer: Andrew Loog Oldham
Engineer: David Hassinger
Notes: This was the Stones' version of 'Blue Turns to Grey,' as opposed to the demo version of August 31 - September 1, 3, 4, 1964. Guest tambourine played J. W. Alexander had managed the late Sam Cooke (died December 11, 1964) and ran Kags Music.

September 7, 1972
French Police in Nice who have been working overtime gathering information in order to bust the Stones for drugs, arrest Charlie Watts and Bill Wyman and indicate that they also plan to Arrest the other band members who are not currently in France. Wyman and Watts are charged with possession of drugs, per informants' reports of the Stones use of narcotics at Nellcote. Police surveillance had beengoing on for over a year without clearly implicating anyone other than Keith and Anita, but the Stones had failed to appear for questioning prior to the US tour; these arrests were a kind of hostage - taking of the entire band by authorities.

September 7, 1973.
European Tour.
Empire Pool, Wembley, Middlesex, England.

September 7, 1994.
Voodoo Lounge - North America.
Carter - Finley Stadium, Raleigh, NC, USA.
Carter - Finley Stadium is on the campus of North Carolina State University.
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September 8, 1962
Ealing Jazz Club, London, England.
Personnel: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Elmo Lewis (a.k.a. Brian Jones), Ian Stewart, Dick Taylor, Tony Chapman or Steve Harris.
Opening / Other Act(s): Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated.
Notes: The Stones were the support band - not the headliners - playing the interval between Blues Inc.s' sets.

September 8, 1964.
Tour: Fifth British tour.
Odeon theatre, Colchester, Essex, England.
Opening / Other Act(s): The Innocents, Don Spencer (compere), Mike Berry, The Mojos, The LeRoys, Simon Scott, Inez & Charlie Foxx
Notes: Two shows.

September 8, 1965.
Tour: 1965 Ireland / UK / West Germany / Austria tour
Venue: Palace Ballroom, Douglas, Isle of Man, UK.

September 8, 1973.
Tour: 1973 European tour.
Venue: Empire Pool, Wembley, Middlesex, England.
Opening / Other Act(s): Bill Preston, Kracker.
Songs: Brown Sugar / Gimme Shelter / Happy / Tumbling Dice / Star Star / Angie / You Can't Always Get What You Want / Dancing With Mr. D / Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker) / Midnight Rambler / Honky Tonk Women / All Down The Line / Rip This Joint / Jumping Jack Flash / Street Fighting Man /
Notes: Two Shows.

September 8, 1989.
Tour: Steel Wheels - North America.
Venue: Alphine Valley Music Theatre, East Troy, WI, USA.
Opening / Other Act(s): Living Colour
Songs: Continental Drift / Start Me Up / Bitch / Sad Sad Sad / Undercover Of the Night / Harlem Shuffle / Tumbling Dice / Miss You / Ruby Tuesday / Play With Fire / Dead Flowers / Rock And A Hard Place / One Hit (To The Body) / Mixed Emotions / Honky Tonk Women / Midnight Rambler / You Can't Always Get What You Want / Little Red Rooster / Before They Make Me Run / Happy / Paint It Black / 2000 light Years From Home / Sympathy For The Devil / Gimme Shelter / It's Only Rock 'n' Roll / Brown Sugar / (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction / Jumping Jack Flash /
Notes: The addition of 'Rock and a Hard Place' solidified the set, which will not change until the very end of the tour in Atlantic City.

September 8, 1994.
Program: MTV Awards
Where broadcast: USA.
Songs / Other Content: Love is Stong / Start Me Up
Notes: The MTV Music Awards originated from Radio City Music Hall and featured performance footage of these two songs.
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September 9, 1963.
The compilation album Thank You Luck Stars, Vol. 2 is released by DECCA in the UK, marking the Stones' first appearance on an LP. Their contribution is a single track on the B - side, 'Come On'

September 9, 1963.
Venue: Studio 51, London, England.
Personnel: Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian Jones, Charlie Watts, Bill Wyman, Ian Stewart.
Notes: Monday residency. Brian Jones returned to perform with the band after missing three and a half gigs due to illness.

September 9, 1984.
Program: London Calling (BBC)
Where Broadcast: UK.
Personnel: Bill Wyman.
Songs / Other Content: Wyman Interview.

September 9, 1992.
Program: MTV Video Awards.
Where Broadcast: Worldwide.
Personnel: Mick Jagger.
Songs / Other Content: Award presentation.
Notes: Mick presented the award for Best Video of the Year to Van Halen at ceremonies held at UCLA's Pauley Pavilion. MTV broadcast the show via satellite to 150 contries.

September 10, 1963.
Venue: Ricky Tick Club, Thames Hotel, Windsor, Berkshire, England.
Notes: Tuesday residency.

September 10, 1963.
Andrew Oldham brings John Lennon and Paul Mccartney to Studio 51, where the Stones are rehearsing. Learning that the Stones are searching for a followup single to 'Come On,' the two Beatles offer a partially finished song to them. The Stones accept and John and Paul quickly complete 'I Wanna Be Your Man.' The next day, Lennon and McCartney rush into the studio to record it themselves, releasing it some time later.

September 10, 1966.
The Stones dress in drag for their controversal promo film for 'Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing in the Shadows?' shot in New York City. Peter Whithead's film was quite a radical departure from the other rock promos being made in 1966.

September 10, 1981.
Program: Top Of The Pops.
Where Broadcast: UK.
Songs / Other Content: Start Me UP.
Notes: Repeat airing of the August 27, segment.
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September 11, 1972.
The Stones' Rhode Island court appearance in continued until December 13.

September 11, 1987.
Peter Tosh, 42, is shot and killed at his home near Kingston, Jamaica. Two of Tosh's friends, with him at the time, are also killed. Initial statements by Kingston police list robbery at the motive for the crime, for which they have no suspects. Official statements later agree with those of Tosh insiders, who believed that the unknown perpetrator or perpetrators knew the reggae star and that the crime was an act of revenge.

September 12, 1968.
Mick Jagger begins work on the Nicholas Roeg / Donald Cammell film, Performance, in London. He plays a burnt-out rock star opposite James Fox. The movie also features more experienced thespain, Anita Pallenberg, whose acting advice to Mick was, she recalls, terse and to the point: 'Just Be Brian.' (Pallenberg and Keith Richards have been together since the fateful Morocco trip of March '67, the end of her liaison with Jones.

September 13, 1978.
Charlie and Bill attend Keith Moon's funeral. The Who's drummer had died in London on September 7.

September 14, 1965.
The Stones play the Circus Kronebau, in Munich. Brian Jones and Anita Pallenberg meet for the first time.

September 16, 1964.
Andrew Loog Oldham marries painter Sheila Klein (no relation to Allen) in Glasgow, Scotland.

September 16 - 21, 1980.
Robert Frank's 1972 tour film, Cocksucker Blues, is finally shown to the public at New York City's Whitney Museum of American Art. The filmmaker and the Stones have finally reached an agreement that allows the film to be shown in public - but only for educational purposes and Frank must be physically present at each screening.

September 17, 1979.
The Ontario (Canada) Court of Appel rejects the Toronto prosecutor's petition for appeal in Keith Richard's heroin case.

September 17, 1988.
In Sydney, about to begin his Australian tour, Mick Jagger gives a surprise performance for 400 people at the Kardomah Cafe.

September 18, 1973.
'Rolling Stones form a new publishing company,' says Billboard magazine.
The article outlines the band's restructuring of their business affairs now that contracts with Decca/London and ABKCO are no longer in force. Promopub, B.V. is the name of the publishing company, with two other divisions: Promotone, B.V. will handle recordings and Promoright Music, B.V., licensing.

September 18 - 19, 1981.
Two more scheduled warmup shows, at the Orpheum in Boston, are cancelled by the once-intrepit but now fearful Mayor Kevin White after the trouble in Worcester. The band tries, unsuccessfully, to book another pre-tour show in Providence, but Rhode Island officials aren't any more inspired than the last time they heard the band's name.
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